natural stone & travertine

The look of natural stone gives potential home buyers an increased perceived value. This makes for an easy upgrade to a home consumers can do to increase the value of their home.


travertine shower and bathroom flooringIf you want a unique and beautiful flooring option for your home, travertine flooring is an excellent choice. It is environmentally friendly, decorative, and a quality investment. Travertine is a natural stone unlike porcelain tiles. It is carved out of a quarry in large blocks and then cross-cut down to smaller blocks.

Travertine stone flooring that has been polished and sealed is easy to clean and is considered to be both hygienic and environmentally friendly. This type of prepared travertine can help contribute to the air quality of your home as it does not absorb odors, chemicals, or gases. Dirt stays on the surface of the sealed stone, rather than being ground in, and can easily be removed.

Travertine flooring is some of the most beautiful natural stone flooring available. With distinct texture and colors, consumers are bound to find a travertine tile scheme that will work perfectly in their home. Whether as a flooring or as a backsplash in the kitchen.

Travertine colors are in warm earthy tones. From the softest ivories to the palest creams. Rich shades of golden honey and silvery greens to deep mocha browns. Travertine never appears as one solid color. The color tones vary and veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone. No two stones or tiles are alike. Travertine comes in a few different textures which vary widely and include shiny, matte, tumbled, and brushed.

Ledge Stoneledge stone wall interior

Ledgestone is the traditional material used in the creation of stone homes. Another product which man has used for shelter construction since he began constructing homes, our selection of ledgestone is vast and encompasses a wide color selection. Ledgestone is also a great product for veneering retaining walls and planters, constructing fire pits or barbeques.

Natural Stone & Travertine Uses

Kitchen & Bathroom countertops, sinks, tubs, floors, foyers, fireplace facings, hearths, walls, windowsills, and tabletops. Granite and marble are also popular in outdoor areas like outdoor kitchens, pool areas, pool tiles and more!

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