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Whether you are a homeowner or residential or commercial builder, the benefits of granite or marble are many.  The popularity of granite or marble throughout the world has grown over the last decade by over 200%.  Whether you are a homeowner looking to renovate, you are having your home built and are considering natural stone, or you are a builder providing a quality home or office, granite and marble provide more value for investment than anything else.

It is important that you know the difference between all of the types of marble and granite floor tiles before you begin the design process of your home, so that everything will match up properly and you know what you are looking at when you are looking at floor tiles. Consult our expert granite & marble consultants at our showroom so that we can help you make the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.


granite countertops
Granite is available in a huge array of colors and it's durability and longevity make it ideal for kitchen or bathroom countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including tabletops and floors. Granite resists scratching and is heat and stain resistant (when sealed properly) making it ideal for kitchen countertops. It is a hard, durable stone which requires very little maintenance and can be used for so many of your home improvement projects.

Granite tile flooring is an ideal product for high-traffic areas such as your bathroom and kitchen because it will maintain its original appearance for years and the granite is stain and scratch resistant. It is also popular for kitchen and bathroom countertops and sinks because of its glossy shine when polished. Because of it's amazing strength granite is also perfect for exterior uses such as cladding, paving and curbing.

Marblegranite countertops and bathrooms , kitchens

Marble is idea for use in foyers, bathrooms, floors and hearths and adds a sophisticated touch to your home. In the last few years marble has become increasingly popular in North America. Long a tradition in warmer European climates because of it's ability to stay cool even in hot climates, North Americans are starting to recognize marble floors are both great looking and durable yet easy to maintain and take care of. Since marble is a totally natural product, marble also allows homeowners concerned with their environmental footprint to have a beautiful, long lasting floor and no concerns about negatively impacting the environment.

Granite & Marble Applications

Kitchen & Bathroom countertops, sinks, tubs, floors, foyers, fireplace facings, hearths, walls, windowsills, and tabletops. Granite and marble are also popular in outdoor areas like outdoor kitchens, pool areas, pool tiles and more!


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